“My Instructor is a Dreamboat”

I was chatting on the phone with my twin sister the other day, and reminiscing about the 90’s and the vast array of style that surrounded us at the time.  Picture two girls, recently relocated from above the 60th parallel, showing up to their first sailing lesson dressed in cut off jean shorts, hypercolour t-shirts, … Continue reading “My Instructor is a Dreamboat”

A Little Bit of Bro-mance

A funny thing happened this past weekend while I was coaching.  During lunch, I wandered over to a circle of dudes standing around a Melges 24, some writing feverishly, others gazing in awe of the sailor giving the clinic.  This is perfectly understandable, as the sailor in question was Melges 24 World Champion Richard Clarke who … Continue reading A Little Bit of Bro-mance

Safety Tips From Willie

Skiff Safety from Willie Attended a safety chat with Willie…don’t actually know his name (what’s with only posting the helm’s name in the entry list!?!)  in San Diego a few weeks ago, and he definitely had some words of wisdom not just for skiff sailors, but any doublehanded sailor.  Here are some of Willie’s top … Continue reading Safety Tips From Willie