Boat Handling Vid Part Quatro

3 thoughts on “Boat Handling Vid Part Quatro”

  1. Hi Jen

    This season I am working for the Locarno Sailing Club based out of JSCA. The club has 1 RS 500, but is finding that the crew weight is to low for most of our male members to trapeze or to get it to plane.

    I was watching some video from the 470 worlds online, and It looks like 470’s don’t have that problem. Lots of full size adult males trapeezing all over the place.

    Do you think the 470 would survive a club environment? Is it tough enough to survive club level sailors thrashing around in it without constantly needing parts?

    Joel Taylor

    1. Hmmm…I´m thinking that a 470 would be super expensive and very high maintenance for a club environment. What say you other readers? 470´s are rediculously fun, but maybe a bit impractical for this level-just my opinion tough.

      1. Hi All

        And if anyone else out there has an idea for a dinghy with trapeze and spinaker that will support a crew weight of about 300 lbs I would appreciate the info. There must be a designer out there somewhere who has tried to create a boat that two normal sized adult males can have fun with.


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