Fun and Infection on the Camino de Santiago

5 thoughts on “Fun and Infection on the Camino de Santiago”

  1. Oh my salty sister, i enjoy your tales of the trail just as much as the ones of the high seas. Ironically, my legs and ankles are just as swollen as yours right now and we’re on ankle watch too. Should pass with aggressive resting. My doctors are lovely but no marriage proposals yet. Love to you Jen and your intrepid treking partner!

  2. St Jammy?! lol Glad you are in good spirits still, Blister Sister. Hope you see the light, and not the lightning.

  3. OMG — I am laughing imagining this part of your adventure — but can’t believe that you left your feet for so long thinking that there was “nothing wrong” !!!!! PRAY Jenn,PRAY !!!!!

    1. Oh I´m praying my friend, praying that I don´t develop another case of elephantitis when we hit the mountains in the next few days, and praying that my Spanish doctor husband doesn´t try to facebook friend me like he hinted at. Eep!

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