Picks from the Camino

3 thoughts on “Picks from the Camino”

  1. What is up with Meg’s feet? All we here about is yours. Are hers as bad? curious?

    As for sweaty italian in tighty whiteys…. I would have deposited one of my smelly socks near his nose!!!!

    1. Meg has the exact opposite feet from me…they´re so dry that they were splitting and bleeding everywhere! Now she sleeps each night with socks and moisturized feet to try to fuze them back together. Today was about taping her poor poor ankle which seems to be giving up 65 kilometers early.

  2. Dearest Meg and Jen,

    My heart is filled with emotion as I read about and see pics of your journey. You both inspire me! My love is with you at all times and my thoughts especially as your carry on your way on the Camino. (I’m moving to Inuvik in a couple of weeks). Bye for now, Love Auntie Heather

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