Economics of Coaching

Back during my August trip up to Yellowknife, I chatted with the folks extensively about how to grow their program. Quality coaching is important, yes. Cost management is important, yes. Marketing? Undoubtedly important as well. But what if there was a simple way to structure your entire program so that it naturally fit with consumer … Continue reading Economics of Coaching

Arctic Sails

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be flown up to Yellowknife to work with some sailors and coaches. A new program, just two years old, and these folks are stoked.  Breeze was on, heat was off (I could see my breath in August), and we ran coach certification, program management seminars, and tactics … Continue reading Arctic Sails

Miami Bound

Hi folks, The next month or so will be a bit of a departure from my typical rantings and ravings ( I do apologize to those of you who love a good rant).  Why?  Because I’m off to Miami Olympic Classes Regatta for some warm weather training and competition with partner Kristine Williams, team mate … Continue reading Miami Bound

Maritime Love

A few weeks ago coaches, sailors, and yachting enthusiasts gathered in Halifax, Nova Scotia to discuss…you guessed it…sailing!  While there, I had the opportunity to visit some fantastic dinghy clubs thanks to my good friend Craig Guthrie, an americano, and a drive all over the province.  There are some fantastic people doing fantastic things for … Continue reading Maritime Love

Million Dollar Optis

In recent months I’ve gone back to school to study accounting.  What does this have to do with sailing you ask? Well, truthfully, not a whole lot. However, a girl’s got to take a break from studying some time, so the other day I used my break to answer a question that my coaching colleagues … Continue reading Million Dollar Optis