Smells Like Teen Spirit

Ever look back on your own personal high school experience and compare it to that of contemporary high school students?  Personally, I try to look back on those days as seldom as possible.  My response when queried about attending my own 10 year high school reunion was “uhh…don’t you think the scars are still a … Continue reading Smells Like Teen Spirit

FX is in the Haus

Many apologies for the little vacay my friends…spent the last three weeks nursing my back after getting in ANOTHER car accident! This time it featured a highway just outside of the ironically named town of Hope, and an adolescent black bear running in front of the vehicle going 110km/h.  Good news though, no serious harm, … Continue reading FX is in the Haus

Get Your Games On

With only a few days to go to the 2012 Olympics in Weymouth, it seems high time we get to know our Olympic sailors don’t you think?  We’ll start off with some great interviews of the North American representatives in the 49er class…the casual cool yet freakishly powerful boat in the games… Then we’ll work … Continue reading Get Your Games On

Let’s Get Naked

Hi all, Back to sailing fun shall we?  Here’s a nice pic from US Gold Radial gold medalist Anna Tunnicliffe shot by ESPN as she readies to depart for the London games.  She’ll represent the US again this Olympiad in the women’s match racing event with Molly Vandemoer and Debbie Capozzi.  Hot pic of some … Continue reading Let’s Get Naked

Post Camino

Hi Folks, Been back for just over a week now, and admittedly I’m enjoying things like couches, private bathrooms, and sleeping sans earplugs.  The feet are well on their way to health, and I even managed a quick run on the poor little things. Our final walk into Santiago was a thing of beauty.  After … Continue reading Post Camino

A Bit of Perspective

Hi all,   I was going to write an upbeat post about peeing in bushes and eating white bread all month and being ¨vegetarian¨ rural northern Spain.  But, just now got the news that my beloved friend Meggie, for whom this whole journey is dedicated, passed away last night.  Just five days ago my sister … Continue reading A Bit of Perspective