Syringes and Super Models

I´ve been back on the walking train now for 11 days and have covered about 400km since the fun and games that were my cellulitis infection.  It´s been an eventful week, not least of which has been the reappearance of my ankles.  This is seriously exciting stuff my friends, because I hadn´t actually been able … Continue reading Syringes and Super Models

The Blister Sister

It´s been 3 days of walking so far on the Camino de Santiago, and while I´m still feeling like a bit of a newbie at this whole pilgrimage thing, it´s been a real treat. Unreal scenery, fantastic hospitality, and after walking 25 km, food and wine never tasted so good! Here are some of my … Continue reading The Blister Sister

Yo VIP, Let’s Kick It!

A slight departure this week my friends, because my lovely twin sister and I are leaving tomorrow for a month on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  Yup, it’s our 30th birthday present to ourselves…a month away from work, stress, family, and the world in general to walk across northern Espana on a 1000 year … Continue reading Yo VIP, Let’s Kick It!

Cool boat handling vid

A short post this week my friends, because the video speaks for itself.  Just a nice little instructional vid on light air sailing, produced by the International 420 Class Association which goes over key boat handling concepts. It’s part of a 4 part series, so I’ll post all four vids over the week for you … Continue reading Cool boat handling vid

Shut Up and Go Sailing

Okay team, I’m chapped.  There seems to be a mysterious culture afoot wherein sailors, coaches, and various other members of the community sit around and lament the state of our sport…but they never actually DO anything about it. Case in point: “My coach never taught me properly, and now I go to the big clubs … Continue reading Shut Up and Go Sailing

The More We Get Together

The other day a beautiful thing happened.  Every single sailing coach or instructor on my humble little Vancouver Island got together for a weekend of professional development and sailing.  Two talented coaches ran the weekend, one from Manitoba and one from Alberta.  Yours truly sat in an easy chair and sipped coffee from a mug … Continue reading The More We Get Together